GERMANY - VARIA - Sieghard Dittner, Malchow. Printed by Wolfgang Schuboth, Malchow.

280110 Sieghard Dittner, Malchow. Printed by Wolfgang Schuboth, Malchow. Lüsch'n Klöterjan'sch Spökenkieker Kortenspäl. Design: Sieghard & Vilja Dittner. SF. 24 + title card + 5 EC, complete. Offset, 130x78 mm, square corners, 1 German I. Backs: Plain grey. 1993.
The "Fortune-telling deck of Lieschen (Elizabeth) Klöterjan" was published in an edition of 300 packs, all signed by the artist. These are prophetic cards with French suits. Their pictures & sayings have been drawn from the reservoir of Mecklenburg legends. Fitting to their popular themes, they are illustrated in a woodcut-like style full of contrast. One of the extra cards unveils the meanings.
OWrapper, mint.

USA - NON STANDARD CARDS - Inky-Dinky, San Francisco (printed in China).

200772 Inky-Dinky, San Francisco (printed in China). Kitten Club Playing Cards. 52 + JJ + EC, complete. Offset, 87x62 mm, rc, Backs: Dancing child with cats head and tail, green background. 2006.
Well-turned deck. Like the dogs deck the courts display different types of cats in human clothes. The numerals show cats and are transformed. Inky-Dinky sells everything for kids.
Min. damaged OCase, mint.

BELGIUM - NON STANDARD CARDS - Gebr. Mesmaekers N.V., Turnhout.

340016 Gebr. Mesmaekers N.V., Turnhout. Kleinwanzleben. 52 + JJ, complete. Offset, 88x58 mm, rc, gilt, Backs: Ad for the seeds of the sugar beet "Kleinwanzleben", red. c1960.
Lit.: Braun 411.
Courts and jokers look like as if they had been drawn by a child.
Min. damaged OCase, slight offset of the red backs on c10 fronts (3 courts), otherwise mint.

RUSSIA - NON STANDARD CARDS - RusJoker, Saint Petersburg.

200686 RusJoker, Saint Petersburg. MART Treiding (Trading). 52 + JJ, complete. Offset, 89x57 mm, rc, Backs: Ornated trellis in bluish tints with commissioner's name and logo. 2005.
Each suit advertises a Moscow commercial enterprise. C = Ostankino (TV center), D = Tscherkisovski (meat combine), S = Mikojan and H = KampoMos.
Slightly damaged OCase, mint.

CHINA - NON STANDARD CARDS - The World Paper Products & Toys Mfy. Ltd., Hong Kong.

200748 The World Paper Products & Toys Mfy. Ltd., Hong Kong. Old Train. "Ace" No. 603. Design: Dio Art. 52 + JJ (all different), complete. Offset, 88x63 mm, rc, Backs: White trellis on black background. c2005.
Steaming locomotives of all kinds in wide landscapes. Fine pictures.
OCase, mint.

RUSSIA - NON STANDARD CARDS - Alexander Lutkovskiy (publisher), Novosibirsk.

380431 Alexander Lutkovskiy (publisher), Novosibirsk. Rare Russian Cards. King of Clubs: Russian deck. Design: Ekaterina Stupakova. 36 + JJJ (all different) + 3 EC, complete. Color digital printing, 90x60 mm, rc, Backs: Half-naked old Russian warriors, a man and a woman, hold a shield displaying the French suit-signs (color drawing). 2006.
Lit.: Lutkovskiy 4.98; comp. Braun/Knüpfer SP 1911/1.
The deck designed by Dondorf to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the house Romanov as rulers of Russia has been translated into permissive double-ended pictures that remind of Bécat's illustrations for Le Florentin. Illustrated aces. The numerals are not by E. Stupakova: they show various poses of a naked blonde. Numbered edition.
OCase, mint.

GREAT BRITAIN - - The Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards, London (Waddington?s Playing Cards).

008935 The Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards, London (Waddington?s Playing Cards). 1970-Commemorating the sailing of the Mayflower in 1620. 52 + JJ, complete. Offset, 89x58 mm, round corners, gilt edge, 2 English index marks. The ship in an oval framed in gilt, arms of the Company, mauve-grey background. 1970.

Fournier II p. 73; Thorpe [2001] p. 82.

Ace of Spades shows the portray of the company's master Brian A. Maurice.

Almost mint.

GERMANY - NON STANDARD CARDS - VEB Altenburger Spielkartenfabrik, Altenburg.

320100 VEB Altenburger Spielkartenfabrik, Altenburg. Augustus the Strong and his Age. Design: Günter Schmitz. 32 + title card, complete. Offset, 87x57 mm, rc, Backs: Court jester Fröhlich (Merry) in a baroque frame. 1985.
Lit.: Braun/DDR2 AS 1985/5.
All cards display famous persons or small popular scenes from the time of the elector of Saxony and king of Poland.
Text folder, mint.

LUXEMBOURG - NON STANDARD CARDS - Mudam Playing Cards, Luxembourg (printed by France Cartes).

200640 Mudam Playing Cards, Luxembourg (printed by France Cartes). Be The Artists' Guest: Laurent Fétis. Design: Laurent Fétis. 52 + JJJ, complete. Offset, 84x55 mm, rc, Backs: Head of a werewolf, white on black background. 2005.
Lit.: De Ryck in Journal of the IPCS 34/2, pp. 145-147.
The exhibition Graphique Deluxe has invited 11 artists to create a deck of cards on the occasion of the opening of the Museum of Modern Art Grand Duke Jean. The present one is reduced to large white index marks and elegant suit-signs on black background (the black suits are green). The jokers display a log cabin. Printed in a limited edition of 500 copies.
OCase, mint.

FRANCE - NON STANDARD CARDS - B.P. Grimaud (France Cartes), Paris.

380258 B.P. Grimaud (France Cartes), Paris. Grand Prix Grimaud 1973. Design: GeneviSve Lirola. 52 + JJ + 1 EC, complete. Offset, 88x63 mm, rc, Backs: Multicolored overall pattern. Maker's name on AC. 1974.
Lit.: Braun 1023; Fournier 491; Graak [1985] p. 57, color picture 7.
Flowery figures.
OCase, mint.