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JAPAN - NON STANDARD CARDS - Nintendo Playing Card Co., Ltd., Kyoto.

330461 Nintendo Playing Card Co., Ltd., Kyoto. Prophetic Cards. 52 + J + 3 EC (all different), complete. Offset, 87x57 mm, rc, Backs: Humorous drawing of a trip in a gondola, mauve background. c1970.
Lit.: Braun 882.
All cards carry Japanese words. The lid of the plastic box shows in a lozenge a striped picture with 2 different views changing according to the angle of vision.
OBox, Japanese instructions, mint.

GREAT BRITAIN - HAPPY FAMILIES - John Jaques & Son, Hatton Garden, London.

320365 John Jaques & Son, Hatton Garden, London. The Sovereigns of England. 37 + 2 EC, complete. Color line block, 93x64 mm, rc. Backs: Plain pink. c1890.
Lit.: Fournier 333.
36 cards with sovereigns from William I (1066) to Victoria and 1 card depicting the Royal Arms called "The Game Card".
Folding marks at several cards, rules joined in photocopy, worn.

SPAIN - NON STANDARD CARDS - Alberto Pérez, Madrid.

900036 Alberto Pérez, Madrid. Baraja Real Fábrica de Lisboa. 32 + EC, complete. Offset, 95x62 mm, square corners, Backs: Overall regular pattern of small heraldic lilies, gilt on white background. 2005.
Reprint on the basis of an uncolored copper-engraved sheet, skilfully illuminated by the publisher. The deck belongs to the type "Four Continents": H = Africa, D = America, C = Asia and S = Europe. Numbered edition of 50 copies.

FRANCE - NON STANDARD CARDS - B.P. Grimaud (France Cartes), Paris.

380258 B.P. Grimaud (France Cartes), Paris. Grand Prix Grimaud 1973. Design: GeneviSve Lirola. 52 + JJ + 1 EC, complete. Offset, 88x63 mm, rc, Backs: Multicolored overall pattern. Maker's name on AC. 1974.
Lit.: Braun 1023; Fournier 491; Graak [1985] p. 57, color picture 7.
Flowery figures.
OCase, mint.


340226 Philibert, Paris. Mémoires de Casanova (Memories of Casanova). Design: Paul-Emile Bécat (1885-1960). 52 + JJ (all different) + title card, complete. Offset, 95x63 mm, rc, Backs: Pink upholstery in a baroque frame. 1960.
Lit.: Braun 914; Fournier 421; Pikante Blätter pp. 102-103; Cary coll. 386; Eroticism I 3.2.
The numerals are illustrated by permissive scenes with Venetian backdrop. Yet the artist's triumph lies in the design of the courts, merging both halves of the cards into thrilling miniatures.
Almost mint.


200763 AAA Group Co. Ltd., Ning Bo. World of Warcraft. 52 + JJ (different coloring) + EC, complete. Offset, 87x57 mm, rc, Backs: Standing woman with feather dress and magical wand, in blue tints. c2005.
Disquieting figures from fantasy role plays on all cards.
OCase, mint.

CHINA - NON STANDARD CARDS - The World Paper Products & Toys Mfy. Ltd., Hong Kong.

200759 The World Paper Products & Toys Mfy. Ltd., Hong Kong. Sky Spirit. "Ace" No. 616. Design: Dio Art. 52 + JJ (all different), complete. Offset, 88x63 mm, rc, Backs: White trellis on green background. c2005.
Impressive representations of European birds in their natural environment.
OCase, mint.

GERMANY - NON STANDARD CARDS - Richard Cull, Munich.

280095 Richard Cull, Munich. Design: Richard Cull. SF. 52 + JJ, complete. Offset, 92x62 mm, square corners, 2 English I. Backs: Distorted plaid in black & white. 1996.
Lit.: Comp. Segeth [1986] p. 46, no. 2; comp. Eroticism I 3.16.
Erotic humorous drawings in b/w. New edition of 20, signed by the artist on the case, this time with a back pattern. A CARTORAMA EXCLUSIVITY.
OCase, almost mint.


340059 B. Dondorf GmbH, Frankfurt/M. Playing Card for Children. No. 1320. 52, complete. Chromolith., 35x23 mm, square corners, Backs: Plain light-blue. c1910.
Lit.: Braun/Dondorf 1913/3; Braun 1515; Cary coll. 25.
Miniature cards.
OSlipcase, mint.

RUSSIA - NON STANDARD CARDS - Printissa (RusJoker), Saint Petersburg.

200660 Printissa (RusJoker), Saint Petersburg. Legends of the Sea. 52 + JJ, complete. Offset, 89x57 mm, rc, Backs: Grim bearded head between 2 ornaments with lion's heads. 2005.
The manneristic figures on the courts and the numerals are in many cases illustrated with elements from the kingdom of the sea: monsters, fishes, shells...
Min. damaged OCase, mint.