RUSSIA - NON STANDARD CARDS - Alexander Lutkovskiy (publisher), Novosibirsk.

200682 Alexander Lutkovskiy (publisher), Novosibirsk. Rare Russian Cards. Unter of acorns: Four Colours of Skin. Design: Ekaterina Stupakova. 36 + JJ (all different), complete. Color digital printing, 90x60 mm, rc, Backs: B/W photos of 4 naked bodies. 2006.
Lit.: Lutkovskiy 4.128.
Courts, aces and jokers are from the hand of E. Stupakova. The 4 colors of skin mean an European blonde of the 18th century, a North American Indian woman, an African black girl and a geisha. The pips are illustrated with color photos of women of different origins, mainly with their legs apart.
Min. damaged OCase, mint.