USA - NON STANDARD CARDS - Maker unknown.

320670 Maker unknown. Conoco and You. 52 + JJ, complete. Offset, 89x57 mm, rc, c1980.
Lit.: Braun 2201.
Advertising deck of the energy company Conoco (since 2002: ConocoPhillips; petroleum, gasoline, gas...) On one side the cards show the traditional international pattern, but on the other they display 52 different colored drawings giving advices to the station attendants for a higher efficiency.
OCase, mint.

SPAIN - NON STANDARD CARDS - Asescoin, Madrid.

380485 Asescoin, Madrid. Baraja Claveria. Design: Josep Claveria i Bitrian. 60 + JJJ (all different) + 7 EC + title card, complete. Offset, 95x60 mm, rc, Backs: Ad of the Spanish playing-cards collectors association, grey. 2001.
The deck celebrates the begin of the 21st century. It combines the Spanish and the French suit-signs in such a way that it is possible to play either with the ones or with the others. To this end there are 3 additional cards in each suit, a queen, a jack and a 10. The numerals display Spanish sights, the courts portray historical persons after famous paintings. Numbered edition of 325. Our copies are signed by the artist himself on the title card.
Plastic box, mint.

SPAIN - NON STANDARD CARDS - Heraclio Fournier S.A., Vitoria.

380499 Heraclio Fournier S.A., Vitoria. Baraja Iberoamericana. Reedición Cincuentenario. Design: Luis Palao. 40, complete. Offset, 95x61 mm, rc, Backs: Crowned double-headed eagle with the Spanish coat of arms, brown. Maker's name & Spanish tax stamp (1955-1979) on 5 of Swords. 1979.
Lit.: Asescoin 31; Denning coll. B052; Fournier 915; Braun 2302.
Reprint of the deck from 1929 on the occasion of the Spanish-American exhibitions in Sevilla and Barcelona reminding of the conquest of the New World.
OBox, descriptive leaflet, mint.

CHINA - NON STANDARD CARDS - The World Paper Products & Toys Mfy. Ltd., Hong Kong.

200750 The World Paper Products & Toys Mfy. Ltd., Hong Kong. Cats Fun II. "Ace" No. 604. Design: Dio Art. 52 + JJ (all different), complete. Offset, 88x63 mm, rc, Backs: White trellis on green background. c2005.
The cats stay here at home, they loll about at the fireside, in the library, the kitchen shelves etc. Spades show rather naive pictures.
OCase, mint.


1436 Maker unknown. Pin-up Collection No. 3. Earl Moran. Design: Earl Moran (1893 - 1984). 36 + JJ (all different), complete. Offset, 89x59 mm, rc, Backs: B/W drawing of a young woman in bikini against the background of repeated "PIN-UP". 2004.
Lit.: Eroticism VI 10.73.
All cards show reproductions of gouaches from the 40ies and the 50ies by one of the great masters of pin-ups. Numbered edition.
OCase, mint.