1436 Maker unknown. Pin-up Collection No. 3. Earl Moran. Design: Earl Moran (1893 - 1984). 36 + JJ (all different), complete. Offset, 89x59 mm, rc, Backs: B/W drawing of a young woman in bikini against the background of repeated "PIN-UP". 2004.
Lit.: Eroticism VI 10.73.
All cards show reproductions of gouaches from the 40ies and the 50ies by one of the great masters of pin-ups. Numbered edition.
OCase, mint.


310057 Maker unknown. Sultan. 36, complete. Color lith., 35x26 mm, rc, 4 I on the pips. Backs: Ad of the cigarettes SULTAN No. 6 for 3 1/3 Pfennig each in blue. c1935.
Miniature deck.
Almost mint.

LUXEMBOURG - NON STANDARD CARDS - Mudam Playing Cards, Luxembourg (printed by France Cartes).

200646 Mudam Playing Cards, Luxembourg (printed by France Cartes). Be The Artists' Guest: Play the Game. Massinon. Design: Jean-Christophe Massinon. 52 + JJ (all different) + title card, complete. Offset, 84x55 mm, rc, Backs: Elements of the deck, pink and white on light-blue background. 2005.
Lit.: De Ryck in Journal of the IPCS 34/2, pp. 145-147.
The exhibition Graphique Deluxe has invited 11 artists to create a deck of cards on the occasion of the opening of the Museum of Modern Art Grand Duke Jean. The courts display the faceless portrays of icons of the pop culture on pink (H & D) or brown background (S & C) from the sixties to the present. They are identified by their first names only. So we have "Martin" (Luther King), "Jane" (Fonda), "David" (Bowie), "Jean-Michel" (Jarre), "Louise" (Madonna), "Jeff" (Koons), "Chrissie" (Hynde) etc. The jokers display the waving figures of W and Osama. Printed in a limited edition of 500 copies.
OCase, mint.

FRANCE - VARIA - Maker unknown.

320307 Maker unknown. Design: Nicolas-Marie Gatteaux. 6 courts & 12 numerals, cut vertically into halves (that belong together). Stencil-col. line block, c81x53 mm, square corners, Mention of the 1813 tax law on JC (1813-1816). Eagle watermark on all cards. 1813-1816.
Lit.: D'Allemagne I p. 150; Depaulis [Révolution] 68; Mann coll. 131A.
Each half of our cards has on its back the following imprint in a frame of typographical elements: "Bon pour une Journée [Good for one day]. MILA." Workdays are meant here, i.e. our cards are vouchers for day labourers, issues by a certain Mila, possibly the director of a domain. According to our sources, the cards come from the south-west of France, probably from the region of Montauban (near Toulouse). They display the French national pattern. The courts are KD, QC (2x), QH, JH and JC.
Slightly worn.