200610 Maker unknown. Assorti. 52 + 1 additional AS + 10 jokers (all different) + 4 EC, complete. Offset, 89x60 mm, rc, Backs: Geometric design, B/W. 2004.
Lit.: Eroticism VI 1.136.
The designs for the present deck were found on the Russian internet. Each card has been conceived by a different author. Interesting and appealing works by contemporary Russian artists. Limited edition, numbered by hand.
OCase, mint.

GERMANY - NON STANDARD CARDS - VEB Altenburger Spielkartenfabrik, Altenburg.

380062 VEB Altenburger Spielkartenfabrik, Altenburg. Peasant Wars. Design: Hannelore Heise. 32 + EC, complete. Offset, 87x57 mm, rc, Backs: View of the memorial of the Peasant Wars in Bad Frankenhausen, a flag on top of it, green background. 1979.
Lit.: Braun/DDR AS 1979/1; Weise [1986] 236.
Arms of 4 different towns on the deuces, persons from diverse classes or professions from the time of the Peasant Wars (1524-25) on the courts and small city views or country life scenes on the pips.

SWITZERLAND - NON STANDARD CARDS - Robert Hürlimann, Zürich.

310396 Robert Hürlimann, Zürich. Swiss deck. Design: Georg Erhardt. 36, complete. Offset, 103x50 mm, square corners, no I. Backs: Plain red. c1968.
Lit.: Braun 744; Schweizer Spielkarten 177.
The deck was printed after linocuts. Though displaying Swiss suits, the ranks are Deuce, King, Queen and Jack (or Ober). Limited edition of 1000.
OWrapper, almost mint.

RUSSIA - NON STANDARD CARDS - Entertaining Gazette, Novosibirsk.

380453 Entertaining Gazette, Novosibirsk. Caricatures and differences. Design: After an idea of Alexander Lutkovskiy. 36 + JJ (all different), complete. Offset, 90x59 mm, rc, Backs: Double-headed eagle, playing-cards and name of the magazine. 2004.
Lit.: Lutkovskiy 4.8; Eroticism VI 4.80.
The 38 caricatures of the deck have been published in various issues of the weekly magazine in 1998-1999 and come "from all parts of the former USSR". In order to make a deck they have been cut off and supplied with a back. Each half of the cards shows 7 differences to its counterpart.
Slightly damaged OCase, mint.

RUSSIA - NON STANDARD CARDS - AAA Group Co. Ltd., Ning Bo, China.

380412 AAA Group Co. Ltd., Ning Bo, China. Artist! 52 + JJ (all different) + EC, complete. Offset, 87x57 mm, rc, Backs: Notes and ornaments, ochre on bluish green background. 2001.
Lit.: Braun/Knüpfer AA 2001/3; Lutkovskiy 4.74.
All cards display caricatures of Russian singers. Mingled with them are Louis de Funès (as gendarme) and Belmondo.
Slightly damaged OCase, mint.

LUXEMBOURG - NON STANDARD CARDS - Mudam Playing Cards, Luxembourg (printed by France Cartes).

200640 Mudam Playing Cards, Luxembourg (printed by France Cartes). Be The Artists' Guest: Laurent Fétis. Design: Laurent Fétis. 52 + JJJ, complete. Offset, 84x55 mm, rc, Backs: Head of a werewolf, white on black background. 2005.
Lit.: De Ryck in Journal of the IPCS 34/2, pp. 145-147.
The exhibition Graphique Deluxe has invited 11 artists to create a deck of cards on the occasion of the opening of the Museum of Modern Art Grand Duke Jean. The present one is reduced to large white index marks and elegant suit-signs on black background (the black suits are green). The jokers display a log cabin. Printed in a limited edition of 500 copies.
OCase, mint.

CHINA - NON STANDARD CARDS - The World Paper Products & Toys Mfy. Ltd., Hong Kong.

200755 The World Paper Products & Toys Mfy. Ltd., Hong Kong. Sailing II. "Ace" No. 611. Design: Dio Art. 52 + JJ (all different), complete. Offset, 88x63 mm, rc, Backs: White trellis on blue background. c2005.
Other contemporary painters are represented here: Geoff Hunt, Mark R. Myers, Martin C. Heere... The latter does not show sailing ships on the diamonds, but freight steamers.
OCase, mint.


200606 Thomas De La Rue & Co. Ltd., London. Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Victoria Empress of India 1886 - 1887. 52, compl. Color line block, 90x62 mm, rc, gilt edge, Backs: Crowned arms surrounded by roses, thistles and clovers, in the corners the symbols of Canada (beaver), South Africa (ostrich), Australia (kangaroo) and New Zealand (kiwi). Maker's name on AS. 1886.
Lit.: Lodge D6.
Impressive backs, issued to commemorate Victoria's 50th anniversary as queen of the United Kingdom and her 20th jubilee as an empress of India.
Damaged OBox, almost mint - slightly worn.

SPAIN - NON STANDARD CARDS - Naipes Comas (N.E.G.S.A.), Barcelona.

340455 Naipes Comas (N.E.G.S.A.), Barcelona. Baraja Peplum. Design: Alfonso Ortuño Salar (born in 1942); Enrique García, Alberto Pérez. 32 + J + 4 text cards + 2 title cards, complete. Offset, 95x62 mm, rc, 2 English I. Backs: PEPLVM on marble background, blue. 2004.
Striking actors and actresses of the "peplum" film genre in more or less caricatured drawings from Theda Bara and Claudette Colbert (both as Cleopatra) over Peter Ustinov, Laurence Olivier, Elizabeth Taylor to Monica Bellucci, Russel Crowe and Brad Pitt. Numbered edition of 500 decks. Not in the trade.
OCase, mint.

RUSSIA - NON STANDARD CARDS - RusJoker, Saint Petersburg.

200664 RusJoker, Saint Petersburg. Russian Pelmeni Club. Design: Evgeniya Belyakova. 52 + JJ (all different), complete. Offset, 89x57 mm, rc, Backs: Name of the club, red and yellow on dark-blue background. 2005.
Pelmeni are boiled dumplings, originally filled with meat, in the meanwhile with this and that. It is a kind of Russian national dish and the Russian Pelmeni Club has devoted itself to its fostering. The kings are cooks, the queens elegant gourmets and the jacks waiters. Aces and jokers are illustrated.
Min. damaged OCase, mint.

RUSSIA - NON STANDARD CARDS - Alexander Lutkovskiy (publisher), Novosibirsk.

380422 Alexander Lutkovskiy (publisher), Novosibirsk. Rare Russian Cards. Queen of Hearts: Night Playing Cards. Design: Alexandra Rautkina. 36, complete. Color digital printing, 89x59 mm, rc, Backs: Without imprint, white. 2004.
Lit.: Eroticism VI 7.52; Lutkovskiy 4.15.
Grey figures of the night on all cards.
Slightly damaged OCase, mint.

RUSSIA - NON STANDARD CARDS - Alexei Orleansky, Rybinsk.

200668 Alexei Orleansky, Rybinsk. Russian Emperors. Design: Alexei Orleansky. 36 + JJJ (all different) + title card, complete. Color digital printing, 90x56 mm, rc, Backs: Crowned Russian double-headed eagle, adorned background, blue. 2006.
Fine portrays of tsars, tsarinas and tsarevitchs on the courts. The aces are illustrated and the jokers show jesters, e.g. the nobleman Ivan Balakirev, jester at the court of Peter the Great.
Min. damaged OCase, mint.

AUSTRIA - NON STANDARD TAROT CARDS - Ferd. Piatnik & Sons, Vienna.

280461 Ferd. Piatnik & Sons, Vienna. Eclectic Tarot. No. 1943. Design: Josef Machynka (born 1957). SF. 78, complete. Offset, 125x70 mm, rc, 1 I. Backs: The sun surrounded by the suit-signs of the deck, gilt on black background. 1987.
Lit.: Kaplan III 583; DSM [1988] 141.
The four suits are dedicated to the elements: Wands = fire, Cups = water, Swords = air and Coins = earth.
OCase, French booklet of commentaries by Josef Machynka (82 pp.), mint.

CHINA - NON STANDARD CARDS - The World Paper Products & Toys Mfy. Ltd., Hong Kong.

200778 The World Paper Products & Toys Mfy. Ltd., Hong Kong. Chinese Queen. "Ace" No. 627.2. Design: Dio Art. 52 + JJ (all different), complete. Offset, 88x63 mm, rc, Backs: White trellis on red background. c2005.
Imaginative representations of Chinese empresses on all cards.
OCase, mint.

GERMANY - BAVARIAN PATTERN - Editions for the Woman, Leipzig.

380039 Editions for the Woman, Leipzig. German Playing Cards of the 18th century. Design: Jakob Vogel, Bregenz. 1 sheet with 18 cards, complete. Hand-col. offset prints, 301x398 mm, square corners, Backs: Plain white. 1982.
Lit.: Braun [DDR] 1982/2.
Hand-colored reproduction of a woodcut block displaying the old Bavarian pattern (Kings, Ober, Unter, Deuces, 10Hearts and 10Bells).
As new.

USA - NON STANDARD CARDS - Ian Roth Design, New York (printed by Printmasters, New Delhi, India).

350568 Ian Roth Design, New York (printed by Printmasters, New Delhi, India). Unique Playing Cards. Design: Ian Roth (born 1975 in San Francisco). 52 + JJJ (2 different), complete. Offset, 89x64 mm, rc, 2 Engl. I. Backs: Overall creased towel, bluish grey. 2002.
Sensual pictures of hands and fingers playing with fabrics on the pips (the number of stretched out fingers indicates the value). The courts show the half veiled and crushed faces of New York artists.
OCase, mint.