RUSSIA - TAROT - Tos, Saratov.

200657 Tos, Saratov. Love Tarot. The mysteries of Avalon. Design: Josefa Vilolia. 22, complete. Offset, 85x55 mm, rc, Backs: In an oval: decorative design in shades of blue. 2005.
Lit.: Lutkovskiy 8.14.
Lavish illustrations in a futurist-medieval style.
OCase, folded sheet of instructions, mint.

USA - VARIA - McLoughlin Brothers, New York.

320674 McLoughlin Brothers, New York. American Fortune Telling Cards. Madlle Lenormand's Fortune Telling Cards. 36, complete. Color lith., 77x53 mm, rc, Backs: Plain. c1900.
Lit.: Compare: Hochman III FT1 (p. 243), Jensen [Prophecy] 2.48, Cary coll. 132, Braun 1635.
Further edition of a deck from the early 19th century. All the cards are illustrated and display small scenes (people in contemporary costumes, allegories). The values on the numerals are not consecutively numbered, e.g. C: 10, 9, 8, 7, 4, 1.
Damaged OCase, sheet of rules (1 sheet, German - English, folded and small tears), mint.