CHINA - NON STANDARD CARDS - Shanghai Forest Print Co., Shanghai.

200742 Shanghai Forest Print Co., Shanghai. Caricatures. No. 24. 52 + JJ (all different), complete. Offset, 86x57 mm, rc, Backs: Landscape: quiet sea at sunset. c2005.
All cards show caricatures of statesmen and women from post-war times until 1993.
Min. damaged ill. OCase, mint.

JAPAN - NON STANDARD CARDS - Nintendo Playing Card Co., Ltd., Kyoto.

330434 Nintendo Playing Card Co., Ltd., Kyoto. Onward. Design: Kashiyama Co. 52 + JJ (all different), complete. Offset, 87x57 mm, rc, Backs: Repeated logo "Onward", white on black background. 1965.
Lit.: Braun 186; Fournier 38.
All cards are illustrated. They display figures from everywhere in the world in the typical costume of their country.
OBox, mint.

SPAIN - NON STANDARD CARDS - Heraclio Fournier S.A., Vitoria.

380499 Heraclio Fournier S.A., Vitoria. Baraja Iberoamericana. Reedición Cincuentenario. Design: Luis Palao. 40, complete. Offset, 95x61 mm, rc, Backs: Crowned double-headed eagle with the Spanish coat of arms, brown. Maker's name & Spanish tax stamp (1955-1979) on 5 of Swords. 1979.
Lit.: Asescoin 31; Denning coll. B052; Fournier 915; Braun 2302.
Reprint of the deck from 1929 on the occasion of the Spanish-American exhibitions in Sevilla and Barcelona reminding of the conquest of the New World.
OBox, descriptive leaflet, mint.

AUSTRIA - NON STANDARD CARDS - Ferd. Piatnik & Sons, Vienna XIV.

340359 Ferd. Piatnik & Sons, Vienna XIV. Casablanca. Design: Manfred Deix (born in 1949). 32 + blank card, complete. Offset, 98x65 mm, rc, 2 German I. Backs: Ad of the cigarette brand Casablanca, white on red background. 1983.
The inimitable figures of the caricaturist on the courts, all in Bogart pose with homburg, trenchcoat and cigarette between the lips. Illustrated aces.
OCase, mint.

GERMANY - NON STANDARD CARDS - VEB Altenburger Spielkartenfabrik, Altenburg.

380069 VEB Altenburger Spielkartenfabrik, Altenburg. La Belle Alliance - The nice alliance - Souvenir of the big Battle of the Nations near Leipzig on October 16, 17, 18 & 19, 1813. 36 + 4 EC, complete. Offset, 102x63 mm, square corners, Backs: Trellis with flowers, red. 1988.
Lit.: Braun/DDR AS 1988/7.
Reprint of a deck by the Leipzig manufacturer Carl Heinrich Zoelcke (c1820).
OCase, folder of explanations, mint.