09.12.2015 CATALOGUE 59

Our new fixed-price catalogue – ALL IN COLOR – has now been mailed.

ITS FEATURES: on 64 pages 274 decks with many highlights from various collections and related books. All objects are illustrated and described in English.

30.11.2015 NEW CATALOGUE

Santa Claus is coming!

It has in its bag our new catalogue no. 59, and it is full of surprises. You will find here for example a rather rare animal tarot that used to be popular in Pushkins time. Ours is seemingly older than all others kept in museums or presented on the internet. How do we know? A hound got us on the track.
And we never had this before: "AMERICA LIBRE" from the time of Simon Bolivar around 1825. A deck celebrating the secession from the Spanish colonial power and the establishment of the „free Republic“ of Columbia. A successful event that gave, after Bolivars Campaña Admirable (Admirable Campaign) in Venezuela, the starting signal for the movements of liberation in South America.
Our Alan Tarot offers an amazing plenty of pictures. It was designed for the shipping company Austrian Lloyd. Blooming Art Nouveau, if ever there was one. Besides our catalogue no. 59 presents a whole lot of original artistical and/or advertising decks, among them James Hodges with some of his rarer decks.
So... Stand aside, please, for Santa Claus! CARTORAMA catalogue no. 59 is coming.

14.09.2015 NEW CATALOGUE

Catalogue 58 will soon be ready!

Our new catalogue no. 58 is now being printed: 68 pp. with more than 300 entries. It will mailed next week. What awaits you? Unusual treasures such as the animal tarot by Max Uffenheimer from 1829! It shows exotic animals with their strange, old-fashioned (German) names such as the Pharaonmaus (Pharaoh Mouse) and the Hundskopf (Dogs Head). Or the double deck of the WCMPC from 1890 - in its original, finely preserved leather case! Early packs from Russia in almost untouched conservation, and also advertising cards in the typically reduced visual language of the nineteenseventies. Among the youngsters we have a weakness for the Redheads from Australia: they stage such a simple everyday thing, the match-box, with great proficiency.

We wish you much fun while rummaging into the amazing world of playing cards.

Jean Darquenne & Angela Joschko

06.03.2015 NEW CATALOG

Coming soon! 
Our new fixed-price catalogue – ALL IN COLOR – will soon be ready: it will be mailed next week. 
In parallel it will also be available on our website. 

ITS FEATURES: over 300 entries on 64 pages with many highlights from various collections and related books. All objects are illustrated IN COLOR and described in English (and in German as well in a separate online PDF document). 

Its price: 
Its price has remained the same: 20 Euro for any destination outside Germany. 
All our customers who have paid the former catalogue will receive the new one – # 54 – straight away. We beg all other interested collectors to send us 20 Euros

Banking details: 
Postbank Frankfurt/M.
IBAN: DE24500100600076773600
Account holder: Jean Darquenne

by US check made out to Jean Darquenne
by French cheque made out to Jean Darquenne
through PayPal (www.paypal.com) to cartorama@cartorama.de

Catalogue subscription: 
Four catalogues cost – by advance payment – 40 Euro, mailing included, to any destination. 

We wish you much fun and serendipity. 
Thank you for your attention. 

14.11.2014 NEW CATALOGUE


It is the first time that Cartorama publishes a Christmas catalogue. It is now being printed and will soon reach you. The idea came up while browsing through our stock. Indeed, we did find advertising decks referring to Christmas, which truly needed to be shifted into focus at long last. When, if not now? And because it fitted together well, we have added nice playing cards on the passage of the seasons. What else can you find in our Christmas catalogue? A rare tarot pack with fables, published by Thieme, Leipzig. Decks by James Hodges. A pack from Stralsund with motifs from the former Dutch colonies Java and Sumatra. And gaming counters in silver. The right reading matter for long winter evenings. We wish you much fun while leafing through our „picture book“!

20.10.2014 Trot Revealed

Thierry DEPAULIS, John McLEOD: Le Tarot révélé. Une histoire du tarot d’après les documents. Musée Suisse du Jeu: La Tour-de-Peilz, 2013. 210x210 mm. 96 pp. with numerous color ill. Adhesive binding, ill. covers.
„Tarot Revealed: a documented history of Tarot“ offers a substantial overview of the changeful life of the pack from its beginnings around the middle of the 15th century until today, not to forget its evolution into a means of divination from circa
1770 on. The book was originally accompanying an exhibition in the Swiss Museum of Games. With an English summary.
US$ 37.00

03.09.2014 NEW CATALOGUE

Antelopes and bisons, elephants and monkeys, yes, even germs… Our catalogue 55, which will soon be mailed, just teems with animals. Wonderful decks with a chuckle, among them an extremely rare animal tarot. Our offer also covers historical board games, so for example from the time of World War I. As we think they are so thrilling, we present postcards this time. Study the text, and you will wonder. One of the postcards even gives a hint at the producer of forbidden playing cards. 

And much more: Fröhlichs Patented Card, decks by Backofen, Fetscher, Cartas Indianas, translucent, artists' cards… 

We wish you much fun and serendipity. 
Jean Darquenne

The features of our catalogue 55: 
78 pages with more than 350 entries plus some books. All are illustrated in color and described in English (the German text is available on request). Its price has remained the same: 20 Euro for any destination outside Germany. By subscription, our catalogues cost 40 Euro for 4 catalogues. In parallel to the printed edition, they are also available to subscribers as downloadable PDFs. 

26.06.2014 NEWSLETTER 05/2014


This time with a fascinating exhibition in Belgium and a deck that is pretty tricky.
Our team at CARTORAMA hopes you will enjoy reading this issue.

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23.05.2014 NEWSLETTER 04/2014

It is no mistake that our Newsletter No. 4 comes out now, in May. For Cartorama's spring catalogue was published in April. After the thrill, head free, we can focus again on anecdotes and worth knowing bits from the fascinating world of playing cards. This time, we'd like to place special emphasis on something unusual, two slim and notably high glasses. They are so-called „Passgläser“, some kind of beakers, bearing witness of past convivial drinking rituals.

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02.04.2014 CATALOGUE 54

Our new fixed-price catalogue – ALL IN COLOR – has now been mailed.

ITS FEATURES: on 82 pages almost 400 decks with many highlights from various collections and related books. All objects are illustrated and described in English.